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Recipe: Vermont Switchel 3-Peat Heat

Written by Vermont Life on . Posted in ag2015, Recipes, Taste of the Landscape

Vermont Switchel 3-Peat Heat
Serves 1
Vermont Switchel is the fan-favorite, bench-warmer beverage for your next skating party or snowshoe trek, and parlays into a unique adult cocktail that warms to the core or a spicy hot tonic.
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  1. 8 ounces Vermont Switchel
  2. 2 ounces Dunc’s Mill Rum or Mad River Bourbon
  3. Pinch cinnamon
  4. Pinch cayenne
  1. Part 1, Hot Mulled Switchel: Gently warm 8 ounces of Vermont Switchel with a pinch of Cinnamon or Cinnamon stick. Wrap hands around warm mug. Sip and smile!
  2. Part 2, Hot Mulled Switchel with a Glow: Add 2 ounces of Dunc’s Mill Rum or Mad River Bourbon to Mulled Switchel. Sip and wait for that glow to spread!
  3. Part 3, Hot Mulled Switchel with a Glow and a Kick: Add a smidge of Cayenne to your beverage from Part 2. Sip and soak it all in.
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