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I’m Not Wearing Any Pants

Written by Jennifer Kahn on . Posted in The Arts

Editor’s note: Jennifer Kahn is a Vermont Life guest blogger. She is writing about fashion and jewelry. If you’re interested in being a guest blogger and writing about your Vermont Life, let us know.

This skirt, by Burlington designer/maker Amy Wild, is a perfect skirt to layer over leggings.

I’m not wearing any pants: this has been a motto/way of life for me for a while now and it’s true of many women I see around Vermont. My favorite and most comfortable look is leggings with a skirt in place of jeans or pants. A cute top and great boots really make it an outfit. American Apparel has a large selection of short and long basic cotton skirts in a variety of rich colors and even a few prints. I wear mine so that they hang from my hips — super comfy this way and short enough so you can move easily in them but not too short. Salaam also has a wonderful variety of patterned skirts. I love this skirt by Burlington designer/maker Amy Wild.

Woodstock clothing designer/maker Eve Winslow's slouchy shirt.

Once I started embracing this look, it was hard to go back to the stiffness of jeans for everyday casual wear. This style works for everything from yoga class to hiking to dinner and dancing, depending on how you layer it and what shoes/boots you wear. Most of all, it’s just so comfortable! Woodstock clothing designer/maker Eve Winslow makes perfect slouchy, stretchy tops like this onethat work so well with this look.

You can find leggings everywhere these days from local boutiques to TJ Maxx. They’re never too expensive, usually ranging from $5 to $25. They often come in basic black, gray and brown, as well as funky prints. There’s variety in the length and in the thickness too, which is nice depending on the season. I even prefer them to thermals when it comes to wearing a layer under pants in the winter.

Now let me be sure to point out that LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. That is, they should not be substituted for pants. Leggings are very revealing, they beg for a skirt or dress layered above. There’s even a Facebook fan page dedicated to this sentiment. (HA!)

This style is modern but not trendy, it’s not going “out” any time soon. Every chilly season there seems to be more and more legging and skirt options wherever you look.

Various leggings/skirt/boots combinations.

The best part is this style is made up of basic elements that can provide a canvas for bold jewelry and colorful accessories. Nothing like looking dressed up but still being comfortable underneath it all. Plus, it never hurts to have a little give in one’s waistband when it comes to holiday feasting! You’ll find many local crafters, designers and artists at the Women’s Festival of Crafts this weekend at Burlington City Hall.


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